About me

Rita Henderson (photo1)

My teaching and research interests focus on structural violence, leadership and health promotion among marginalized youth, with special focus on conflict-affected communities. I am also dedicated to improving teaching and learning in plural societies and in conditions of social inequality.

In 2013, I earned a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the Université de Montréal for research into the inter-generational transmission of memory of state repression in rural southern Chile. Involving more than two years of qualitative fieldwork, my doctoral research explores the lingering impacts of the Pinochet regime (1973-1990) on generations of adolescents and twenty-somethings who did not personally experience it. I am currently adapting a book-length manuscript emerging from that project titled A Timber Complex: Structural Violence and Intergenerational Trauma in the Mapuche Homeland, Chile.

My Master’s research at Dalhousie University, also in Anthropology, produced a transnational family biography of a family of six adult sisters of Tanzanian origins living in Africa, Europe, and North America. Research involved travelling to Calgary, London, Berlin, and Dar es Salaam to follow their migratory paths and strategies for negotiating inclusion in the diverse societies in which they find themselves.


Critical, post-colonial pedagogies

Qualitative, decolonizing, & indigenous methodologies

Inter-cultural relations, youth, kinship & family

Citizenship education and leadership

Health promotion among conflict-affected communities

Languages & literacy (English, French, Spanish)

Teaching & learning

Professional Associations:


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