Peer-Reviewed Journals

Published/In Press

  1. 2017. Jacklin, K., HENDERSON, R., Green, M., Walker, L., Calam, B., Crowshoe, L. Healthcare Experiences of Indigenous People Living with Type 2 Diabetes in Canada: Sequential Focus Group Findings from Diverse Canadian Contexts. Canadian Medical Association Journal.
  1. In press. Navia, D., HENDERSON, R., & First Charger, L. Uncovering Colonial Legacies: Voices of Indigenous Youth on Child Welfare (dis)Placements. Anthropology & Education Quarterly.
  1. 2016 Bakhshaei, M. & HENDERSON, R. Structural harm and the socio-schooling of South Asian girls in Montreal: developing upstream capacity for promoting the wellbeing of newcomer women. BMC Women’s Health. DOI: 10.1186/s12905-016-0328-0
  1. 2016 HENDERSON, R. & Syed, N. The Mock Faculty Position: A Novel Professional Career Development Program for Advanced Trainees. Academic Medicine. 
  1. 2016 Meadows, L., Strudsholm, T., Robinson Vollman, A., Thurston, W.E, HENDERSON, R. Leadership competencies for public health practice in Canada: a mixed methods design for complex public health research. International Journal of Qualitative Methods.
  1. 2015 HENDERSON, R., Williams, K., & Crowshoe, L. Mini-Med School for Aboriginal Youth: Experiential Outreach that Tackles Systemic Barriers. Medical Education Online.
  1. 2015 Roy, A., Noormohamed, R., HENDERSON, R., Thurston, W. Scoping Review of Intergenerational Trauma and Healing among Aboriginal Youth. First Peoples Child and Family Review. DOI:
  1. 2014 HENDERSON, R., Hatfield, J., Kutz, S., van der Meer, F., Manyama, M. & Bastien, S. “We can’t get worms from cow dung”: reported knowledge of parasitism among pastoralist youth attending secondary school in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania. Journal of Biosocial Science. DOI: 10.1017/S0021932015000358 
  1. 2014 HENDERSON, R. & Koelwyn, R. The family sample: critical kinship methods for the study of continuity and change. Sage Research Methods. DOI:
  1. 2013 HENDERSON, R. Teaching for the flourishing future: from educational policy to political education in Chile’s democratic transition. Anthropologica, 55(2): 303-315.
  1. 2007 HENDERSON, R. Aging away: convergences in ethnography, elderly care, immigration, and policy. Anthropology in Action, 14 (1-2), Spring/Summer, 63-73.


Book Chapters/Reviews

  1. 2016 Fownes Grant, L. & HENDERSON, R. Chapter 8: Reorienting health services for public health practice. In Canadian Community as Partner 1st edition, edited by A. Vollman. Baltimore: Wolters Kluwer Health.
  1. 2015 HENDERSON, R., Ireland, L., & Thurston, W. Uncanny insight in withdrawn voices: Aboriginal hauntings, structural violence and youth-powered documentary in western Canada. In Youth at the Margins: Experiences from Engaging Youth in Research Worldwide, edited by S. Bastien & H. Holmarsdottir. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.
  1. 2014 HENDERSON, R., Roy, A., & Thurston, W. Systemic violence and immigrant women having escaped domestic abuse: meaningfully reducing structural barriers to leaving intimate partner and familial violence. In Towards Creating a Resilience Dialogue around Domestic Violence in Vulnerable Populations, edited by M. Taylor & J. Pooley. Hauppauge NY: Nova, pp. 87-104. 
  1. 2010 HENDERSON, R. Book review of Ana Mariella Bacigalupo’s “Shamans of the Foye Tree: Gender, Power, and Healing among Chilean Mapuche”. Anthropologica, 52(2), 403-405.


Professional Reports & Policy Papers

  1. 2017 HENDERSON, R., Crowshoe, L., Montesanti, S., Leduc, C. Moving the agenda forward together: Innovating Indigenous primary care in Alberta. Calgary, AB: Cumming School of Medicine Department of Family Medicine.
  1. 2016 HENDERSON, R. The Innercity Community Engagement Pilot Needs Assessment for Office of Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement. Calgary, AB: Cumming School of Medicine.
  1. 2014 HENDERSON, R., Thurston, W., Strudsholm, T. Leadership Competencies for Public Health Practice in Canada: interim evaluation report. St. John’s, NL: Community Health Nurses of Canada.
  1. 2014 Meadows, L., Strudsholm, T., Robinson Vollman, A., Thurston, W., HENDERSON, R. Leadership Competencies for Public Health Practice in Canada: report of focus group webinars. St. John’s, NL: Community Health Nurses of Canada.
  1. 2014 HENDERSON, R. Aboriginal Youth Council Report: Collaboratively Engaging Urban Aboriginal Youth from Calgary in Confronting Structural Violence. February, Voices against Violence Team, Western University.
  1. 2013 HENDERSON, R. & Montesanti, S. Group for Research with Aboriginal People on Health Fall 2013 Research Forum Report. November, Institute for Public Health, University of Calgary.
  1. 2009 Montgomery, C., Xenocostas, S., LeGall, J., Hamez-Spy, M., Vatz Laroussi, M., Rhéaume, J., Sultan, S., Nahabedian, S., Roberts, R., HENDERSON, R., Drolet, M. Maintaining Continuity in Contexts of Exile: Refugee Families and the ‘Family Novels’ Project. Montreal: Centre de Recherche et de Formation, CSSS de la Montagne.


  1. 2013 HENDERSON, R. The dismembered family: youth, memory and modernity in rural southern Chile (Doctoral Dissertation). Université de Montréal. Retrieved:
  1. 2005 HENDERSON, R. Coming and going home: global mobility, citizenship, and family biography (Master’s thesis). Dalhousie University. Available from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Full Text, UMI Dissertations Publishing (MR08505).


Popular Media

  1. 2016     Film “(Dis)Placed: Indigenous Youth and the Child Welfare System.” Film featuring Cindy Blackstock and four Indigenous youth survivors of child welfare. Dir. Melisa Brittain, Co-Producer R. HENDERSON. Funded by Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network (SSHRC) and Voices against Violence (CIHR) projects.
  1. 2015 Navia, D., Blackface, T., Gladue, A., Ledesma, T., First Charger, L., HENDERSON, R. Uncovering colonial legacies: Indigenous youth in child welfare (dis)placements. In The Peak Magazine, 54. Special issue Reimagining: reigning in the new skool. The Peak Magazine.
  1. 2006 HENDERSON, R. Answer to Jan Wong regarding Montreal school shootings: letter to the editor. In The Globe and Mail, 21 September 2006; A16.



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