For Master’s fieldwork, I compiled a transnational family biography of six adult sisters originating in Tanzania, who lived in Dar es Salaam, Berlin, London, and Calgary. Research involved travel to each city, interviews and participant observation. The work focused on how members of the family navigated diverse citizenship regimes that controlled their mobility. 

Doctoral fieldwork in rural southern Chile between 2006 and 2010. Included a year of participant observation in an elementary & high school in a remote area host to heavy repression during the military regime (1973-1990). I collaborated with families of Indigenous Mapuche and settler backgrounds. The final manuscript is under review for publication as a book, focusing on the impact of extractive industries on rural ways of life. 

Postdoctoral fieldwork has included Participatory Action Research with conflict-affected youth in southern Alberta from Indigenous and newcomer backgrounds. I have also supported Dr. Sheri Bastien’s and Dr. Jennifer Hatfield’s Grand Challenges Canada Neglected Voices, Neglected Diseases initiative among Maasai communities in Tanzania by joining the 2014 University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine field school. I am member of the national E4E research team working for Indigenous health equity through improved health professional education, and I hold an independent postdoctoral fellowship from the Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health on the social accountability of health systems to Indigenous communities. 




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